A New Digital Currency or better a Redefined One

The moment the Lebanese Central Bank announced its intention to issue a new digital currency, the news was all over the local social media pages. On the first week of November, the governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, Mr. Riad Salemeh, announced that the Central Bank plans to issue a new digital currency with the … Continue reading A New Digital Currency or better a Redefined One

Using Blockchain for Smart Metering and Billing in Developing Countries

In industrialized countries, blockchain applications compete with advanced technological solutions supported by solid infrastructure and embedded in the frameworks of trusted public institutions that enforce local regulations. In developing countries, this framework is not always available and often basic services (e.g., access to bank accounts) may be impossible. Alternatively, the market penetration of smartphones in … Continue reading Using Blockchain for Smart Metering and Billing in Developing Countries

Blockchain for Electric Vehicle Charging

When incentives and development funds for DERs in developing countries are lacking, especially in countries where the private sector is not allowed to supply electricity to the utility grid, using blockchain for charging plug-in electric vehicles might be an alternative. Widespread use of electric vehicles (EV) becomes more feasible when drivers can universally access charging … Continue reading Blockchain for Electric Vehicle Charging

Can Blockchain put an end to corruption?

Lebanon has been witnessing, for the past 35 days, rallies and strikes against corruption in public administration and deteriorating economic conditions in the country. The latest events in the country revealed that trust between the people on one side and the government, central bank and financial institutes on the other side, has collapsed. Blockchain technology … Continue reading Can Blockchain put an end to corruption?

Blockchain – A main driver of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0, mainly refers to the concept of factories in which machines are augmented with smart and autonomous systems enhanced by the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and cyber-physical systems. But what really unfolds the true power of industry 4.0 is the fact that it requires … Continue reading Blockchain – A main driver of Industry 4.0

Blockchain Transparency vs. Privacy

Transparency is a key feature of the blockchain technology. However the coexistence of transparency and privacy can be mystifying for people and even some might confuse between the two terminologies. In this blog, I will try to explain how blockchain technology is able to balance between the two concepts. What challenges our modern-day business models … Continue reading Blockchain Transparency vs. Privacy

Blockchain and the banking sector

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts will lead you to believe that there is an unseen war between the emerged Blockchain technology and the banking sector. Further, some others might claim that banks are developing a secret and well-funded consortium to fight the fast globalization of Blockchain as the main purpose of this new technology is to abolish … Continue reading Blockchain and the banking sector

What is Blockchain?

“If you cannot understand it without an explanation, you cannot understand it with an explanation.” – Haruki Murakami In his book “The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology” [1], a book I recommend that you read, William Mougayar, a leading cryptocurrency expert, wrote: “Understanding blockchain is tricky. You need to … Continue reading What is Blockchain?